The Final Chapter
1999 unique NFTs
5 years have passed since the tranquil life once known on Satoshi’s World came to an abrupt halt. Those that could leave, left. 6 remained to fend for themselves.
Will they live as one or become divided into factions. Only time will tell.


SatoshiFaces is a collection of 4999 NFTs - Unique digital collectibles developed on the Ethereum Blockchain. The Faces are split into two chapters, starting with Genesis which consists of 3000 NFTs living in Satoshi’s tranquil world. Things take a turn for the worse in Chapter 2: Exodus, with the characters having to face the trials and tribulations of a post-apocalyptic world. Level up your NFT by completing challenges and playing games in our all new SatoshiFaces Factions. Ownership includes full creative and commercial rights of your SatoshiFaces, a rarity to have from an award winning artist such as Ed.





The Facts
What are SatoshiFaces?
How were SatoshiFaces created?
What’s the difference between Chapter 1 and Chapter 2?
How can I get a SatoshiFaces NFT?
How much do SatoshiFaces cost?
How long will my artwork take to reveal itself?
What is SFT?
Who is Ed Merlin Murray?
What are “Factions”?
The Team
SatoshiFaces was created in early 2021 by a group of friends with the help of our artist Ed Merlin Murray. The team set out to make collectible works of art that were appreciated for both their detail and their utility.

These are the people who have made us what we are so far:
Luke - Cool kids don't look at bears
Imran - Wishes his f****** pickle was worth 90 ETH
Matt - At least 70% Red Bull
Adam - Sees Photoshop more than his family
Grish - Between sleeping and being awake, has 0 time for anything else
Mario - Veni, vidi, longici
Ed - A strange man in a shed, drawing drawings all day
Icon Bird
NFT's created by award winning artist
Ed Merlin Murray
Icon Earth
NFT Owner recieves full ownership and unlimited commercial rights
Icon Gull
Random distribution for fairness
Icon Drone
Generate SFT tokens with your NFT. Sell them or use them on the platform
Icon 8Ball
Level up your chosen SatoshiFace with Factions
Icon Rubiks
Unique segment unlocking experience with the purchase of every NFT


SatoshiFaces are here to stay! Below are few examples of what we have planned.
Once we hit sale targets we will begin scratching each goal off the list!
  • 10%

    Password Lock removed

    Floodgates open. Madness begins.
  • 20%

    SatoshiFaces Rewards

    The loyalty programme commences. Users have the chance to win prizes for completing tasks.
  • 30%

    SFT Exchange Listing

    Platform exclusive SatoshiFinanceToken to be listed on Uniswap with over $100,000 in locked liquidity.
  • 40%

    Chapter 2: Exodus

    Change in theme for the final 1999 Faces. Every layer updated.
  • 60%

    Factions Gamification

    Link a SatoshiFace to your Factions profile and live within Satoshi’s world as your NFT character. Play games and complete tasks to level up your NFT. Higher levelled Faces receive unlocks, customisations and rewards.
  • 80%

    NFT Launchpad

    Curated NFT artworks to be purchased with SatoshiFinanceTokens
  • 90%


    4999 Bespoke Pet NFTs to live alongside your SatoshiFaces. Each Face can redeem their own individual pet.
  • 100%

    NFT x DeFi

    A complete, easy-to-use, DeFi solution allowing NFT owners of permitted collections the chance to lend and borrow against their assets.


Make a profile with your favourite SatoshiFace and complete challenges and games to rank up your NFT. Unlock rooms, customisables and pets as you work your way through the ranks. All the progress made on Factions will be linked to your chosen SatoshiFace so make sure you keep it safe!

Factions will only ever be accessible through the ownership of a SatoshiFace so grab yours today before it’s too late!

Community Tools and Partnerships

We’ve had the pleasure of working alongside some great teams and projects within the NFT space so far. Here are a few links to their platforms. Please be aware that any rankings are unofficial in nature. The overall rarity and desirability of each Face will always remain subjective.

Verified Smart Contracts